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Wires Were Towers' Journal
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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
5:22 am
A moment of conversation...
...never hurt anyone.
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
2:11 am
Reboot recluse
Edit.........Delete........Edit........Processed analysed.......Data unreached.........Breifing.....
Handout '99 School bus riot fire.doc.......Briefing...............Data processed.........Printing....
Printing complete.
1:41 am
Fortune for rent!!!

Factory rejects and high hope all-stars. Omg the loaded graveyard and forget our future. No one can protect what we need to remember and hope is lost. Hope is lost to those around and no one can share comfort. No one remembers the warm feeling to those next to you to help you along the way. The old times. Youth! I am not sure if it ever existed. I could use some relief and a little less omg! Bury what you know and share the world of what knowledge can bring!

Where has the fun gone? It seems to escape my imagination and I forget what I was looking for when it comes to fun!

User unfriendly world! You have shown your disgrace! Bury yourself and never return!
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
8:18 pm
Release the puppies.....
1:26 am
Gather your puppies.....
Monday, July 31st, 2006
12:14 am
What gives?
My days are numbered and counted out for me. This is what I have to look forward to. A day by day basis of nothing to look forward to and a work schedule that doesn't work at all. Where do I fit in time for anything anymore? Where did I get all the free time I had and when did I become this horrible dishonest creature? I have found myself in a pile of my own ashes and I am trying to collect them but they are scattering in the wind. This is where I stand up and shake my head at myself and ask "where have I grown?" The monster has regrown inside me and I don't know whether I have understood of what I ignored was myself or something I need to escape. Where will I land, when I cant see the ground? I guess something has to break my fall sometime.

The answer to my problem is easy to understand yet is hard to accomplish. I must hide in the darkness and surround myself with the earth. My time must be filled with quiet. Ignore my wants and needs, deliver what i must and stay back from the fight. A minute, an hour, a day, a month, must be kept to myself.

The cave awaits.....

Current Mood: disappointed
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
1:25 am
Where lines merge with lights

Knock that shit down!!!

Where does this come from cause this is something that everyone struggles with and never gets passed. Does anyone even try to get passed it? Where does someone think they are passed another? Isn't this what life is about? We all could use a simple escape to get ahead of others and where do you land? Ahead? This blinds us and I would like to know where it started in this life! This is disturbing...

I thought I could write on here and thought that I had a lot to say but as the night pulls on, everything becomes forgotten.

What happened to Tony Sly's voice? He doesn't want to use it anymore! He softened up on it and mellowed it to a bore! I am sure he still has a lot of good advice to give, but I don't want to hear it anymore with how it sounds. What is he doing with it? Waiting to hear a "oh his voice is sweet". Cause I don't think it is! I think someone stole his voice and the singer from simple plan became the singer. I don't even know if that guys voice is anything like the way I am describing but what the fuck, who cares?

Anyways, life is great and I have much to do as of late, even without school.

Much love outsiders!
Sincerely, Your own personal underscore!

Current Mood: blank
Friday, February 3rd, 2006
1:35 am
from the dreary tides of darkness, our hearts bring full enlightenment
Emptiness comes at you in many ways. You could have everything you want and feel emptier than ever before. It seems the best company is solitude and trusty music to cope with basic life. Nothing happening that is terrible but still you feel like not wanting to wake up anymore. It is like I would just rather fall into some peaceful place where meadows are surrounding in some distant land while breathing music and drinking the ocean by the shore. No fear, no worry, no television, and with no obligation. Straight out of a book! but what do I know about that?

Sleep awaits the tire
Thursday, January 5th, 2006
2:35 pm
Collaboration in detail
Why do others never grow? Change is sparse! Time spent alone causes an effect on you. This is when you take the time to forget your wrongs. Find more things encouraging. To shine from the inside and take what is yours in life. The further you go can be done in seconds when done on ones' own.

buying books...........
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
11:23 pm
The objective to collect a fall.
I am cooking pasta........

Should I call it for the good? an action for an action. A lifetime of a foreverness fate. Can I recall wanting what I feel? Could I call out for forgiveness when it is me destined to be reciever?

Black ice! Black ice! Black eyes!

I am not welcomed in a force, but to drift!

Too much to ask? A glass of water?

Week of school, transporting and heavy hearts!

When do you give in?
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
11:30 pm
"Get your own box!"
Prove, prove, prove!!!! I have got it right, I have got it right, I have got it right! I am in the know, I am in the know, I am in the know!

Let the bells of the city ring! For one has broken out of their shell and given birth to a new beginning.
For once we have a new way of changing the pattern of the world.
A revolution in finding a new us and who is to tell that we have gained right in what we are looking for.
For welcome has come to the new change and our arms are open as well as our hearts.
Lets take the time to exploit what we have gained and to never let our hearts and minds leave such great beginnings.
Let us make a strong start so we will have such things engraved in our minds for eternity.

And what will happen when we search for more...........................................................................................................
And what will happen when we find out there is more.................................................................................................
And what will happen when we find out we have sinned..............................................................................................
And what will happen when we find out what we did was wrong without knowing...............................................................
And what will happen to our hearts that we didn't teach to open.....................................................................................
And what will happen to our time that we spent thinking we were right, when our wrongs have deceived us.........................
And what will happen when all our pride is to heavy to bare and you stand alone with not even those you have trusted..........
And what will happen when you remember what really matters?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
9:46 pm
"now the joy of my world is in zion"
So months have passed and I am still living in the same world with horribly ugly people with no reality call. Some people need to stop thinking they are god. Did you know when I cut off your arms you wont be able to play guitar and after I cut off your arms and stab you in the throat you wont be able to sing, let alone talk and if you are lucky enough, breathe. Where is the god in that?

Goals before the new year: Gain an ear, grow a heart, learn to be cold, axle my hours in the day and work on operation give a shit.

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
6:41 pm
Signal, signal, and a beach full of whales
So I think that the only way for me to get a girlfriend is when I get them pregnant. Oh wait, we still might be just friends. "Tonight is the night that you fulfilled this doubt as you walked out." So take these four leaf clovers and choke on them. Kohlers is now on my shit list! Oh god, how does humanity still exsist. You can now take me into a car crash. Fuck! Destroy! Fuck! Three things that humans are good at!

Current Mood: Like a summers day
Monday, March 7th, 2005
9:27 pm
They can veto my rights, but they can't veto my heart.
I blurry television screen takes over and a humble new begining arises.

I am not sure if I was making out with her that night, I might of been making out with the appleseed cast. Who really knows what one is up to when there is no direction. I thought I found it before, but I always turn out wrong. When will the wrong stop and one good days work becomes acomplished. I would like to embrace hopes light, but once arms are outstretched, hope becomes a powder of dust. Yet I feel that I have stood a statue for to long now. Happiness comes from the blue, blue skies very distant away and you can reach it for a day or two. Then after that longing that you have strived for, a break in the chain sets forth once you start thinking. Are we suppose to be thinking like this? or do we ignore our conscience calls? I thought I had this straight by now after an almost 21 blinded victory. I thought I was there for a while. There where I needed to be, up on the highest peak, taking the cleanest, crisp, golden air. Then the sudden fate of an abandoned granola bar wrapper blows into my deep breaths. By now that wrapper is so far wedged in my throut that I can hardly take a breath. So now I am stuck. Saturated in your fat. There is no four way street to look down. My head can't turn as far as to only see one way. The thing is, if I were in any other situation. I would be writing the same thing. So I will make my problems a gambling multiplicity. I am here......looking into blindness.

Current Mood: aurora borealis
Friday, February 18th, 2005
2:00 pm
Fighting the bullet
Day after day, week after week. A new day will dawn and you will begin a new life. After all the days that I spend with familiar folks and begin to want to break apart after seeing who put the liar if familiar faces. Every new face begins something new, but always spawns into something you once knew, something you aren't interested in. so now this is me. This is me not caring. This is me with a new face. A face that doesn't care about those who posts degrading comments like "Nice job tony!" or "like your pics" to someone who talent resorts to taking a picture and making it as blurry as possible so you can't tell if you know what the picture is of. Of course my lifestyle will turn out the same to a day to day basis and I will seem like the same ol' frilly I always was. In fact, the only thing that will change is that I know about all of you. I know that everyone of you hate life as much as you try making people think differently. We all know that you like "...and you will know us by the trail of dead" after they come out with a cd and we will give you credit on that like we will give you credit on you are a goddamn phony(referance needed). I realize that I am caught into some of this and sense that I am stuck for the time being, until I get that call. I will stand by you for now, while you are giving your best shot at making me(a good friend that never took the low shot like you) look lesser than those around you.

As much as you hear "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Never believe in such a thing. If you make that lemonade, life will throw twice the lemons after you drink that lemonade. Deal with the lemons. Lemons are lemons, no matter what you do with them. Don't ever take that drink and glow in the bliss. Bliss is loneliness. So figure this out for yourself and don't take lead on others findings. You unhappy and ungreatful sinner. When someone makes you happy don't fall into foolishness. They are making you happy to bring you down, so they can stand on your sholders and climb the next "friend". So I will be here in the "middle" of the people pyramid throwing the lemons to the top.

I think stephen king should start writing his books on livejournal.

Blick, bilick, clibick, blink.

Favorite thing that happened this week was being around my boss and reciever with a conversation that goes something like. "I am glad that your relationship with your wife is still going as strong." and my boss with a great answer like "(awkward silence)". He totally deserved that after ripping me in two about things that are not under my control. I guess I will get it right back at 4:00 today with my yearly evaluation. Oh how I love the hate circle.
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
3:03 pm
2005 is an embarrassment
What wont go wrong in 2005. It is a lost cause and no one will ever remember 2005. 2005 is a flash back to the 80's. There will be nothing interesting going on and everyone will ask "What happened to 2005" and no one will know. What movies came out in 2005? "Oh, uh Catwoman 2, Legally Blond 5, some indierock film that everyone forgot about (donnie darko? donnie brasko? nope it was Donnie Lesko. You that 1-800-ask-lesko guy.) and Starwars." The music will be clone music from Talking heads, The Police, The Cure and Eddie Murphy. Yep, nothing happened in 2005. Maybe the hardcore failures will come to an end in 2005. That could be good? Well Tired of the damn computer so bye.
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
6:37 pm
Attempting to Procrastinate
I find myself stumbling through other peoples dreams, that I try to stay away from. I am sorry, but I don't want to be apart of your posse. We have nothing in common. You are a headache. There is something else out there for me that isn't childish and naive. So somehow I have to get it through your head that I am not for you.

I am taking my vacation on January sixth and lasts til January 21st and I am looking forward to taking a break, getting away from the Pepsi Cola/Utah scene.

I moved out of the trash house a month ago if anyone doesn't know that, but that is old news and I am not planning on staying long anywhere I am. I guess I need to find my place and what suits me. Funny thing is, they say at the trash house that Freshmen has got a lot messier. Oh and how thick their heads are for thinking that I wasn't any part of it. Maybe someone does cleaning? or even the point of if you enforce cleaning and they clean more. Blah.

Well I am at my mothers doing laundry and I feel the need to leave.

Tah and Farewell
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
10:36 am
Despues de noviembre parte II..(poncho)
Rebuilding a black eye.

Living is a crime. In pepsi world if you do nothing but work you are safe. So work them twelve hour days in silence. It is wonderful to hear from your new boss "If you screw this up, I am going to kill you!" I like hearing that after my twelve hour days I work everytime I am scheduled and working three hours on my days off. In three months I will have a new life. A good wait and I will recieve an official two years of work experiance and another week paid vacation. I still haven't used my week and three days paid vacation. Saving that for december. I don't know what else to talk about other than work, because that is just all I do. I do value the time I spend with other people. I have been in a huge depressive state of mind the passed week, but yesterday cured that for some reason. All I did was watched a movie called "Saved" and I was my old happy self. Maybe it is just getting out of the work reality that did it.
I bought a lot of concert tickets and half of them I don't care about. One of which I am stoked as hell about and it made my year. THE LIARS ACADEMY!!!! Coming here to this state....Utah. I think that is incredible. I have been waiting for that for quite some time. Let alone at least hear something about the band, so I don't think they haven't done anything for years. I want to pick up the new record so bad, but waiting til November 10th would be wise.
Anywho I have got to go to work. This is my day off. Oh well. Mike P. Call me or you are doomed.

With love freak action, farewell and good day.
Friday, September 3rd, 2004
6:57 pm
To a journal never read.
Dear bookmark,
I forgot where you were, so I stopped reading books.

So checking out the headlights on a computer that is not mine is great. Not having a computer is great. Being moved out is great. Working long hour days is great. Wanting to buy a four hundred dollar palm pilot and use it as a tax write off for work is great. Not getting sleep is great. Trying my best to rock out the good shows is great. Being where you are not wanting to be in life is great. People being slobs and cleaning after them is great. Being a neat freak is great. Room mates that are not is great. Room mates that talk and don't ever quit talking is great. Room mates that eat out of my bowls because my bowls are kick ass and that is why they are my bowls and shouldn't be used by anyone else is great. Not going to school and wanting to is great. blah blah blah is great. Bags under your eyes is great. Getting sick of everyone is great. Knowing that I have a week and three days of vacation and including my days off makes it two weeks off of work, but not knowing what to do for it is great. Falling asleep anywhere in the house cause I don't have a bed is great. Booking the headlights is great. Kicking it with cool people is great. People are great, you are great, I am great. Everything is Great!

Caption Caption///Block Block///Deep sea diving bomb...blicker blicker


Current Mood: Great.
Monday, June 28th, 2004
12:58 am
The Affair
Keeping it real til real keeps it.

A drunken bottle on the ground and another 12 to go.

The News: In the news today, there were several attempts of one trying to become ones self. How encouraging!

A shadowy character with brown hair and a tight blue t-shirt set an unopened can of soda on a fence peg in a dry deserted ghost town. He backs up 30 feet with his back facing the soda. he turns slowly and aims carefully. A loud cry from the gun screams out once the trigger was set. The can explodes, soaking everything with its wet sticky life.

Infinity is everywhere and the course is set to nothing.

Scooby do was always a poseur.

12 hour days and a life spent with nothing. I am going to take 1 class at the UVSC. Wow, my life is going to be busy, Wow.

I sent you a note and I was wondering if you have received it. It goes as follows:
To the chair that is never there,
I haven't received you yet, but one day, one day I will get you. In the course of my journey, a boy will outgrown his toys, a fire will have taken out a whole state. A building will tumble of old age and a deserted car in the desert will ignite an explosion. Yet in time, in time I will receive you.
Sincerely, The Unforgotten

Current Mood: Not Qualified
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